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AAS was established in 1990 and today is one of the biggest colleges in Thessaloniki. It is well-known for its high standard education in Art & Design Studies.

At AAS we understand that in order to reach your full potentials, you need a modern, friendly and inspiring environment. This is the reason why we constantly invest in our premises and resources. High-tech computers, magazines, books, DVDs and all
necessary equipment is there to help you with your studies. You study and practice at fully equipped Computer Studios, Fashion Design Studios, Design Studios while you can enjoy and relax at the College’s cafe.

AAS is an excellent choice for you who want to make a difference in the fields of art, design and communication. You are trained according to the British educational system and you are prepared to answer all the challenges in the international market. You follow the same curriculum, the same programme and you obtain the same Bachelor and Master Degrees as the students at UCLan. You get the same top quality British education. You keep updated with all international trends in design and graphics.

Why study at AAS

  • It is the only University College in Greece with such a wide range of British Design courses in graduate and postgraduate level
  • Exceptionally talented PhD and MA academic faculty with international experience as academics and design practitioners as well
  • All programmes of study meet the high-quality standards required by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
  • Same High Education standards as UCLan in the UK
  • Mirror extensive facilities and resources as UCLan in the UK
  • AAS College reduces the cost of a UK degree significantly
  • Personal interest to students; each student is one of the hundreds not of the thousands
  • Safety and well-being
  • Great student life: Enjoyment and fun

Study Programs

Bachelor Degrees

  • BA in Advertsing,
  • BA in Animation,
  • BA in Fashion Design,
  • BA in Fashion Promotion,
  • BA in Games Design,
  • BA in Graphic Design,
  • BA in Interior Design,
  • BA in Product Design

Master Degrees

  • MA specializing in Advertsing,
  • MA specializing in Animation,
  • MA specializing in Fashion Design,
  • MA specializing in Fashion Promotion,
  • MA specializing in Games Design,
  • MA specializing in Graphic Design,
  • MA specializing Digital Graphic,
  • MA specializing in Interior Design,
  • MA specializing in Product Design